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How Misha Collins conquered Comic Con

Misha Collins is an American actor, most known for his role as Castiel on Supernatural. He’s also known for… Wait, do I really need to introduce him to you? There was a time when Misha was only known for playing Castiel on TV but time has changed, and Misha has slowly worked his way through the geek world as a very respected and appreciated actor.

This is something that we kind of already knew. But we didn’t realise how true it was until this weekend. Even though this is not Misha’s first time at San Diego Comic Con, it’s the first time he’s been treated as an actual important personality in the geek world. He’s not just that actor who plays that angel on that show anymore.


'It’s as simple as that: Misha Collins gets fandom.'

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Thranduil and Galadriel - Concept Art by Weta

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I kill where I wish and none dare resist. I laid low the warriors of old and their like is not in the world today. Then I was but young and tender. Now I am old and strong, strong, strong, Thief in the Shadows!

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"Can you promise that I will come back?"

"No. And if you do… you will not be the same."

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30 Day LOTR Challenge - Day 15 The Spiffiest Dresser

'In the middle of the table, against the woven cloths upon the wall, there was a chair under a canopy, and there sat a lady fair to look upon, and so like was she in form of womanhood to Elrond that Frodo guessed that she was one of his close kindred. Young she was and yet not so. The braids of her dark hair were touched by no frost, her white arms and clear face were flawless and smooth, and the light of stars was in her bright eyes, grey as a cloudless night; yet queenly she looked, and thought and knowledge were in her glance, as of one who has known many things that the years bring. Above her brow her head was covered with a cap of silver lace netted with small gems, glittering white; but her soft grey raiment had no ornament save a girdle of leaves wrought in silver. So it was that Frodo saw her whom few mortals had yet seen; Arwen, daughter of Elrond, in whom it was said that the likeness of Lúthien had come on earth again; and she was called Undómiel, for she was the Evenstar of her people.’

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Lord of the Rings Reread: The Black Gate Opens

The Captains mounted again and rode back, and from the host of Mordor there went up a jeering yell. Dust rose smothering the air, as from nearby there marched up an army of Easterlings that had waited for the signal in the shadows of Ered Lithui beyond the further Tower. Down from the hills on either side of the Morannon poured Orcs innumerable. The men of the West were trapped, and soon. all about the grey mounds where they stood, forces ten times and more than ten times their match would ring them in a sea of enemies. Sauron had taken the proffered bait in jaws of steel.

Little time was left to Aragorn for the ordering of his battle. Upon the one hill he stood with Gandalf, and there fair and desperate was raised the banner of the Tree and Stars. Upon the other hill hard by stood the banners of Rohan and Dol Amroth, White Horse and Silver Swan. And about each hill a ring was made facing all ways, bristling with spear and sword. But in the front towards Mordor where the first bitter assault would come there stood the sons of Elrond on the left with the Dúnedain about them, and on the right the Prince Imrahil with the men of Dol Amroth tall and fair, and picked men of the Tower of Guard.

The wind blew, and the trumpets sang, and arrows whined; but the sun now climbing towards the South was veiled in the reeks of Mordor, and through a threatening haze it gleamed, remote, a sullen red, as if it were the ending of the day, or the end maybe of all the world of light. And out of the gathering mirk the Nazgûl came with. their cold voices crying words of death; and then all hope was quenched.

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A little brother may live to be a hundred, but he will always be a little brother.

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lotr meme

{3/8 personal items} → Narsil/Andúril

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BC - Setlock April

Something about him in Converse…I’m just done. 

Can we talk about his socks!

someone borrowed them from Martin


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